Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out to us at [email protected] if you cannot find an answer to your question.

Will my rent change?

Rent will continue to be 30% of your household’s income.

Does this mean NYCHA will sell the land?

No. NYCHA will continue to own the land and buildings.

Will the Resident Association remain?

Yes, and they will continue to receive funding.

Can I add family members to my household?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to add family members to your household composition. Approved members will continue to have succession rights.

What’s going to change?
  • In-unit and site-wide upgrades, including kitchen and bathroom renovations, landscaping and playground improvements, and common area upgrades. 
  • Enhanced security that will include site-wide cameras and access control.
  • Enhanced social services and community programming tailored to Edenwald residents’ needs.
  • New local hiring opportunities for NYCHA residents in construction and property management.
  • Annual Housing and Quality Standard (HQS) Inspections for Section 8.
When is the new management taking over?

The property management transition to private management under C+C Apartment Management is expected to begin Summer of 2023. Please continue to reach out to NYCHA Property Management for any leasing and repair requests until further guidance is issued.

When is construction starting?

Construction is anticipated to begin in the Summer of 2023, with an expected completion in the Summer of 2026.

Who do we pay rent to?

You will pay rent to the PACT team.

How long do renovations take in units?

6-8 weeks.

Will we change existing piping in the bathrooms?

Will we change existing piping in the bathrooms? All piping that is old, not performing well, and can potentially affect the health of residents will be changed out.

Will residents have to leave their apartments?

Some residents will temporarily move from their units during renovation. We have hired a consultant, Housing to Home, to work with residents on an individual basis on any potential moves.

My question is if I wanted to transfer with my section 8 Voucher what would it be worth?

The value of your potential tenant based voucher is based on a few factors, including local fair market rents and family size.

Are you doing façade work, replacing roofs in all of the buildings? Do you have a timeline for all of the work that is involved?

Upkeep to preserve the façade and replacement of windows will occur in all residential buildings. We anticipate roughly four years total of construction. 

Are we replacing all of the roofs?

We will be upgrading and replacing roof sections to prevent leaks and ensure the roof can continue to protect the building.  

Which apartment is the model apartments and what time can we see it?

The model unit can be seen at Building #22: 1132 229th Dr. South Apt. 9F. You can tour the apartment on Wednesday from 9 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 7 PM.

How are you going to prevent the new doors being popped open by non-residents who don’t have a key fob?

Doors will be replaced with new ones that close automatically and prevent breakage. There will be a new intercom system to let your guests into the building. 

Where do we move temporarily to?

Residents will be temporarily moved to vacant units on site that have already been renovated. Alternatively, we can work with you to stay with family off site.

Can we pick our floor coloring?

We are providing a unified floor selection across all units.

How does right sizing work if I want to move into a larger unit?

We will work with families on an individual basis after all renovations are complete to discuss right sizing.

Do I have to recertify my income with NYCHA?

Yes, you will work with NYCHA yearly to recertify your income. Your lease will automatically renew.

Could you please verify the colors of the kitchen cabinets?

Residents can actually vote on the color. The color will be uniformly applied across the site once it is picked. Submit your color preferences today!

Does everyone have to move from the apartment if only one member that wants to move with section 8 after the year?

Yes, everyone would have to move.

For the hospitality suites, can we bring our pets and are these suites specifically for a family or will they be shared with other people? And are they furnished for the people that don’t want to move temporarily?

We are still working on the details for operating these hospitality suites and will update folks as soon as we have a finalized plan.

How will temporary moves impact those with mobility issues?

We will work with residents on an individual basis to determine a best course of action to minimize issues pertaining to mobility.

Who can I contact to make sure my family member’s sign their leases?

Please call 212.348.3248 ext. 5869

What happens to our furniture during temporary moves?

We will work with you to move your furniture into your temporary unit.

Will the exposed pipes in the bathroom be removed?

No, the exposed pipes in the bathroom will not be removed.

Do all of my belongings need to be moved out? If I need to move can I just take my beds and leave everything inside?

Whether or not you have to move will be determined by the presence of lead in your vicinity. Our temporary moving consultant, HousingToHome, will work with those that have to temporarily move to ensure your belongings are properly taken with you to the temporary unit. Your belongings will come with you to your temporary apartment. 

What will my rent be after the transition?

Residents will pay no more than 30% of your gross income as determined by NYCHA.

Are we going to get new closet doors?

Closet doors will be replaced.

How can I find the results of the lead testing in my apartment if I am away from home during the day?

The PACT team and temporary moving consultant will notify you if your unit tests positive for lead. If you would like to confirm whether you have had a lead test or to schedule one, please email us at [email protected].

What if I like the temporary location and would like to stay?

The temporary units are not available for permanent moves.

What will you do if the tenant doesn’t want to move?

Unfortunately, if you have to temporarily move, it is required for you to do so. The temporary move is for your safety as lead abatement must be performed in a contained area by professionals wearing proper safety equipment in accordance with city, state, and federal environmental guidelines.

Can rent be paid online or over the phone?

Rent can be paid online. Please refer to your welcome packet to determine how to set up online payment. You cannot pay rent over the phone.  

Will there be notices if there is no water in the building?

Our team will notify you of any water disruptions at a minimum 24 hours in advance.

Is lead abatement the reason for a temporary move?

Lead abatement is the prime reason for temporary moves.

Can residents get copy of the lease agreement after they sign?

Yes, you should receive a copy of the lease agreement. Please reach out to the management office at 212.348.3248 ext. 5869

When will we have to move?

Our team will notify you well in advance of any temporary move.

If I can’t be home during the renovation, how does that work? 

There must be a household member over 18 to provide access and be present in the apartment when work is being completed. 

Will HRA still be able to pay the portion of the rent?

 Yes, you can still work with rental assistance programs, but it is the responsibility of the resident to ensure the payee is updated with HRA or other programs. Residents are encouraged to apply for an interim income recertification with NYCHA as needed.

My lease is due to renew with NYCHA on July 1. Am I renewing that lease or is that why we sign the PACT lease?

The PACT lease that you are signing will replace your NYCHA lease. 

Are all proposed changes to apartments mandatory for everyone?

The proposed changes will be implemented in every apartment.

Do residents with health issues have to move? Or are they exempt?

We will work with residents on a one on one basis to come up with a renovation schedule that best addresses your household’s needs.

I have been in my apartment for 40 years so I have a lot of things to be moved temporarily. Will that be an issue?

Our temporary move consultant HousingToHome will be able to manage any size moves.

Are we still having Edenwald day?


My rent comes out my payroll biweekly. Will I be able to pay that way?

Please work with your bank to cancel any automatic payments made to NYCHA. Please refer to your welcome packet in order to set up recurring ACH payments to the new property manager. 

Will all pipes be covered in the apartment?

We will be insulating the pipes.

Will visitor parking passes be reinstated?

We are focusing on repaving and improving parking for current residents. Visitor passes are not contemplated at this time.

What rent amount do I pay after transition?

You will continue to pay 30% of your gross income as determined by NYCHA.

Can we still pay rent via the NYCHA portal?

No, you will be paying rent to the new management company, C+C Apartment Management. Please refer to your welcome packet with rent payment instructions. 

Will there be a rent bill in advance?

Yes, you will receive a rent bill before the first of the month.

Which rent do I pay?

You will pay the rent listed on your PACT lease.

Do residents need to cancel automatic payments made out to NYCHA?

Residents will need to cancel automatic payments made to NYCHA. Please work with your bank to cancel automatic payments. 

Are empty apartments being worked on currently?

Empty apartments will be the first to be renovated in advance of temporary moves.

Will you guys be working from one side to another or you will be choosing random buildings?

Building renovation will follow a set schedule and will be phased in groups.

Are you repairing the parking lots?


How does internet work in the temporary space?

We will provide you with free of charge internet in the temporary space.

Will we be able to do laundry in the temp units?

You will have to coordinate laundry externally while at the temporary unit. There will not be any clothes washers in-unit.

Are we going to replace the flooring inside units?


Can you still pay rent with a debit card?

Yes, rent payments via debit card are subject to a $4.95 fee per payment.

Can you request to put a grab bar in the bathroom?


Will there be cameras?