Edenwald PACT

Edenwald PACT Partner is a partnership consisting of Camber Property Group, Henge Development, and SAA | EVI. The combined extensive experience in the long-term preservation of affordable housing will be crucial for the successful conservation and rehabilitation of Edenwald Houses.

Camber Property Group

Camber Property Group is a leader in NYC affordable housing preservation and development. Led by a team with deep experience in the development, construction, and ownership of affordable and mixed income multifamily housing throughout the New York metro area, Camber is committed to bringing more high-quality living environments that are accessible to the residents of NYC.

Henge Development

The leadership of Henge Development brings ten years of real estate experience. Henge’s expertise includes multilayered financing, design, structuring complex public-private partnerships, and building relationships with residents and agency representatives, making them instrumental to the overwhelming success of affordable housing projects.


SAA | EVI is a national developer of sustainable affordable, market-rate, mixed-use, and historic preservation real estate. SAA | EVI enables development without displacement by efficiently forging public-private partnerships to produce uplifting change for neighborhoods through a combination of complex financial mechanisms, effective development management, community outreach, and open lines of communication. The healthy neighborhoods that SAA | EVI develops are home to stable, thriving communities characterized by multi-income, multi-ethnic, and multigenerational populations.

Additional Partners

L+M Builders Group

L+M Builders Group, has experience managing the most complex construction projects—from conceptual planning through design, value engineering, construction, and finally to occupancy. L+M Builders Group has built and renovated thousands of residential units and hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial space throughout the New York metropolitan area. L+M Builders Group has renovated and preserved over 9,000 units across 300 buildings. The group has also built new construction developments, as well as transformed abandoned and unsightly buildings into attractive, affordable multi-family dwellings. Projects involving landmark buildings have been restored with faithful attention to historic detail.

C+C Apartment Management

C+C is a full-service real estate management company specializing in affordable housing. C+C manages the day-to-day operations of approximately 18,000 residential dwelling units. C+C’s mission is to provide exceptional property management services that meet the diverse needs of various constituents, which include residents, the local community, government and financing agencies, and the owners of the properties. Meeting objectives requires C+C’s careful attention to detail, constant monitoring of the properties and being responsive to the needs of clients. C+C prides itself in providing residents with clean, safe, and well-maintained housing. 


Baychester Murphy Houses